a bitter melon

Good people don't pal around with Nazi's

Fox & Friends anchor Abby Huntsman debases herself by parroting Trump's contemptible response to the Charlottesville riots:

“I come today with a very heavy heart,” Caldwell said, already starting to tear up. “Last night I couldn’t sleep at all because president Trump, our president, has literally betrayed the conscience of our country.”

“The very moral fabric in which we have made progress when it comes to race relations in America. He has failed us,” Caldwell continued, getting increasingly emotional as he spoke. “And it’s very unfortunate that our president would say things like he did in that press conference yesterday when he says there are good people on the side of the Nazis. ‘They weren’t all Nazis, they weren’t all white supremacists.’ Mr. President, good people don’t pal around with Nazis and white supremacists. Maybe they don’t consider themselves white supremacists and Nazis, but certainly they hold those views.”